The Arena from above.

The Arena of Alexandria, often simply called the Arena, is one of the most impressive structures on Montvonde.


The Arena is located near Green Grove Farms, across the gorge from New Alexandria itself. The Arena is plainly seen from anywhere in the city.


Like most of New Aleandria, the Arena is built of stone. It is made of two concentric walls of stone, one that closes in the Arena and one that closes in the Arena floor itself and its combatants. Only the outer ring, the main wall, is penetrated by a gate, where spectators enter and leave the Arena. There are four large glass windows where spectators can watch the fights.

The Arena floor is all grass, with four rooms to hold either fighting players or monsters. Combatants who fight of their own accord begin in the center spire. The spire opens up when the Arena Admin pulls the lever.


There are different levels of rewards. The number of monsters and players fighting varies, but the rewards do not change. See the Monster Ratings page for difficulty levels.

Rewards for fights
Fight Name Match Reward
Player vs. Easy Monsters (any #) PvM - E 20 Emeralds
Player vs. Medium Monsters (any #) PvM - M 40 Emeralds
Player vs. Hard Monsters (any #) PvM - H 60 Emeralds
Player vs. Player (any #) PvP 80 Emeralds