Delver Valley

A view of Delver Valley from an ancient Alasantine temple.

  Delver Valley is a godly safezone on Montvonde. There are only two areas like it on the planet - Mecca and the Parthenon. It is where people appear when they come to Montvonde, and it is devoid of any manmade structures. 


Delver Valley is in the Equatorial Forest, and the ruins of the Alasantine Temple can be seen in the farthest reaches of the valley.

Vacating the ValleyEdit

When you have just reached Montvonde it is advised to vacate the valley as soon as possible, because the ods are not known to be nice to people who dwell too long in their hall.


  • Delver Valley was originally sacred to Sacholen, the god of music.
  • It has the most waterfalls on the entire island. 
  • It has the most intact Alasantine ruins on the island.
  • Any faction bases built in Delver Valley will be torn down without warning. The gods hate having their land claimed. 
  • The world's most simple spawn point - one block - in situated in Delver Valley.