Alasantine is the lost kingdom, and its return looms in the future.

As Montvonde appears on more maps round the globe, more factions are moving into the archipelago. Note, this is the page for Factions, not the in-lore Nations. You can visit them in the previous link.

Factions of MontvondeEdit

Torvaken - Torvaken is a mercantile faction that exists and rules the seas surrounding the archipelago. They control the island's economy. Torvaken is ruled by Ulric.

Byasvonde - Byasvonde is also known as the Empire, and it comes from the Dunmel Island, east of Montvonde. The faction acts as a ruling military, but there is no way the Empire can rule all of Montvonde. Most Byasvonde architecture is usually in stone, following the wisdom of the Alasantine of old.

The Seekers - The Seekers is a shadowy faction ruled by the god of darkness, Nathura. They are known for their assassinations, spies, and other shady activities that dominate the night. But besides that, one must ask, what exactly are they seeking? 

JLS - JLS, also known as John Locke's Settlements, is a nomadic faction that rules the forests. They are known as the front for the elusive Guardian Angels, another scarce organization. A telltale sign of a JL settlement are the wooden tents and cabins arranged around firepits.