Green Grove

Green Grove is across the gorge from New Alexandria

  Green Grove is a small community devoted to entertainment and farming. It is right across the gorge from New Alexandria, and is sometimes considered just another district of the city.


Green Grove is home to the Arena of Montvonde, Green Grove Farms, and the market area. 

The Arena offers matches whenever people want to fight, and it is the largest arena in the Quandary Islands, rivaling even Dunmel Island's Arena. 

The Green Grove Farms grow produce for the Elder Rolls Bakery just across the gorge, and a small railroad transports the produce directly from Green Grove to Alexandria.


  • Green Grove has a road named after it, which is the road leading from Alexandria to Green Grove itself.
  • The town was named for the area itself, which was once very densely packed with trees.
  • Green Grove's Arena is larger than the village itself.
  • The village is led by the mayor of New Alexandria, General Dalus.