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Merk's glyph seen in the eyes of each of his forms, not including the Storm

Merk is one of the Alin Divines native to Dunmel Island. He is the god of lightning and honor, and also occasionaly kingship.


Merk is the son of Arceru and the brother of Arcus and Sacholen. He is the cousin of Nathura. 


Merk, like all other Alin Divines, has a few different aspects associated with his various spheres of influence.

  • The Mortal - This is the form Merk most often assumes.
  • The Dragon - Merk's lesser-seen, but more powerful form.
  • Red dragon

    Merk in his dragon form, standing over Delver Valley.

     The Lion - Merk's least-seen form, used in formal divine gatherings
  • The Storm - This is Merk's most abstract form. He appears as a massive storm, striking with rain, wind, and lightning. He sometimes can use his Dragon form when withing a stormcloud, which has been seen by few.

In BattleEdit

When Merk engages in battle, he dons enchanted Battle Armour, which is often either gold or black, sometimes both. He always wears an Wither skull as a helmet, which offers special powers and scares his enemies. Merk uses his sword Firegold and his bow Fireshot in battle, along with his lightning bolts and storm powers. Merk is also known to shoot fireballs that blast holes in the terrain, and sometimes his lightning bolts bore into the ground, throwing his enemies back.