Montvonde Map Labeled

The Montvonde archipelago consists of nine main regions.

Montvonde is a hidden archipelago that coexists with the visible world. It consists of nine main regions, all of which were once populated by the ancient Alasantine.


Several thousand years ago, Montvonde was populated by the enigmatic Alasantinians, who built great structures of stone and glass. They no longer exist, but obscure and weathered remains of their works are left behind.

Geographical RegionsEdit

Montvonde consists of nine geographical regions, all of which are defined by dominating land features. They are named for these land features.

  • Western Frost Forest
  • Equatorial Pine Forest
  • Equalon Desert
  • Central Frost Forest
  • Forwolf Forest
  • Dawnwood Forest
  • Central Jungle
  • Relic Glaciers
  • Rivermouth Swamp

Political RegionsEdit

As settlements and cities claim land, Montvonde is divided into smaller political regions, which act almost as provinces or states.

  • Alexandria - Located in the Dawnwood Forest
  • Bloodreath - Loacted in the Equalon Desert
  • Rivermouth - Located in the Rivermouth Swamp
  • Hjikin - Located in the Equatorial Forest